Our Ethos.

We are all about books.


Give us tomes upon tomes – from bestsellers to classics and everything in between. Tempt us with food and wine cookbooks that set our taste buds aquiver, make us laugh loudly in public at side-splitting biographies of scandalous celebrities and educate us in all manner of subjects unknown with books on history, photography, architecture and more. Send them all our way! We are passionate about books for what they offer – learning, ideas, stories of lives lived differently, adventures we’ve not had, inspiration, provocation…

Simply put: books are permanent fixtures in our lives (and in our backpacks).

We are community oriented and in our bookstores you do not have to be alone if you don’t want to be. A BOOK FACE store can offer you human, personal connection and solidarity. You share it and your experience in it with other book lovers, readers and with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. BOOK FACE staff members can introduce you to authors and stories that will open up new worlds of words that will excite and delight you, tailoring their recommendations to your personal preferences – all you have to do is ask.


BOOK FACE is a small group of local, independent bookstores whose first store opened its doors in November 2014. Owned by Paul and Leo Berkelouw, BOOK FACE currently has stores at Port Macquarie (NSW), Pacific Fair (Gold Coast, QLD), Orion Springfield (QLD), Erina Fair (NSW), Gungahlin (ACT) and Macarthur Square (NSW).

BOOK FACE offers an extensive range of genres and titles, including bestsellers, new books by international and local authors, a wide range of literary and popular fiction, non-fiction, biography, lifestyle books, teenage fiction and children’s books.  Our colection also includes carefully selected ranges of books on food and wine, photography, philosophy, architecture, history, science, business and self-development among others. We also sell a range of beautiful and sometimes quirky gift items, cards and paper.

The children’s area in the store is designed and stocked to delight its audience, encouraging reading and fostering a lifetime love of books. Not sure where to start? Pop in to hear a story or two, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


“If you love books enough, books will love you back”




BOOK FACE is a concept which was developed by Paul & Leo Berkelouw. Discover more about Bendooley Estate, where their knowledge and love of books has evolved a barn into a book lover's paradise.