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Have you got a love for Tolkien you can’t hold back anymore? Are you passionate about putting together the perfect gift? Do you sigh with happiness at the prospect of new pages? At BOOK FACE we are always looking for well-read, book-loving retailers to join our team – the quirkier the better!

Bookselling is an ever-changing, challenging and vibrant retail career.  Though it has faced its fair share of disruptors (from e-books and online retailers to large department stores with competitive pricing), there is nothing quite like the feeling of buying from an independent bookshop. It’s a feeling of personal connection with customers, the intuitive understanding of the communities in which they operate, and a genuine love for all things written.

This is our retail model of choice – to be able to hand-sell books to our customers because our team members have close and constantly evolving relationships with them. Our reward? Achieving the connection and putting the right books in our customers’ hands.


As such, we are always on the lookout for people who can contribute to our business. Even if we don’t have a position available at a given moment, don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. Let us know about your interests and background – we want to know the books that shaped you, the reason you’re here – what makes you, you! You may not hear from us for a while, but we do actively review CV’s submitted and you never know what the next chapter may bring.


Sorry, nothing at present but please keep in contact!