Community Book Exchange


Take a book, return a book…

BOOK FACE currently runs three community book exchanges at Pacific Fair, Gungahlin Marketplace and Macarthur Square Shopping Centres. This not-for-profit community initiative allows readers to swap books at no cost, thereby promoting and increasing access to books and helping the environment at the same time.

When Pacific Fair created the book exchange for their community, BOOK FACE Manager, Taysa White-Borgelt explained how this service provides an opportunity for people to share books they may no longer want or need and engage others in new literature.


“This is a community library, where books have been donated by locals for others to borrow, enjoy and return at their leisure,” Taysa said.

“While you don’t have to bring a book to donate in order to borrow, we do encourage people to exchange books if they can as this will keep the shelves fresh and dynamic. And you don’t have to return the book you borrowed; you can keep it if you like.

We hope the initiative will encourage people to share books that they have loved so that others might also discover them as well.”

“It doesn’t matter what genre the book is. So far we’ve had donations on a variety of subjects and categories from cook books to true crime, children’s books and even text books! Literature brings understanding to individuals, and weaves communities together in a way that few other things can.”

The book exchanges are open all day, every day.